About Us:

Roasting Solutions, LLC d/b/a Verena Street Coffee Co. is a privately-held, family-owned organization founded in December, 2010.  We roast and package our coffees at our facility in Dubuque, Iowa. Verena Street Coffee can currently be found in over 700 grocery stores, club stores, warehouse stores and mass merchandisers in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and surrounding areas. 

Verena Street Coffee is named after the quiet neighborhood nestled in the Mississippi River valleys of Dubuque, Iowa where we grew up. Five houses lined this street and our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were our only neighbors.

In the early 2000s, Verena Street was removed for highway expansion. Erased by the progress of modern development, the narrow lane called “Verena Street” survives only in our memories. Today, countless cars pass over the spot where we once played on the swing set our grandfather built.  

Hoping to recapture the excitement of our childhood, Verena Street lives on as the namesake of our craft roasted coffee. Although we can no longer walk down Verena Street, it is a place we can once again call home.

Our Coffee:

Verena Street Coffee is craft roasted in small batches using the best Arabica coffee beans available in the world. This ensures that only the freshest and highest quality beans make it into our customers’ hands.

Each fresh roast coffee is roasted to a specific level that best highlights its unique character and derives the best possible flavor and aroma from each bean. This creates an unforgettable experience in every cup. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy creating it!

Specialty coffee is graded to meet or exceed a specific set of criteria regarding bean sizing, uniformity, and consistency. This is intended to ensure that specialty coffee meets a consistently higher quality and character than typical coffee beans. The specialty coffee movement started as a rebellion against mass-produced, low-cost coffees. The market for specialty coffee is growing at a faster rate than the overall coffee market as consumers develop a taste and preference for higher-quality coffees.

We hope our warm memories of Verena Street, the quiet lane where we grew up, will live on as you experience a similar comfort and fondness in each cup of Verena Street Coffee.


We're famous!
"“We doubled the size of our existing production area in 2014.” - Eric Gantz, Co-owner"
Verena Street Expansion Project
Greater Dubuque Area Development Annual Report - April 30, 2016
""We want to eventually be a national player in the coffee business." - Michael Gantz, Co-owner"
Cup Overflows for Dubuque Coffee Company
Telegraph Herald - January 03, 2016
""We try to be like the Ben and Jerry in the coffee industry. That was our idea." - Eric Gantz, Co-owner"
Coffee Roasting - Iowa Ingredient
Iowa Public Television - May 15, 2015
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""Verena coffee is some of the finest coffee I've ever tasted! I am a coffee snob and your products are truly outstanding! Who need Starbucks! I save tons of money now and brew verena in my French press! Love, love, love your coffee!! Plus, it's in IOWA! Doesn't get any better than this!""
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""Love the company, love the Decaf Coffee, love the founders!""
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