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You love bourbon. You love coffee. You love beer.
Roasting coffee is all about finding the perfect formula. We’ve taken experimenting to a new level! We partnered with local companies, Blaum Bros Distilling of Galena, IL and Potosi Brewing of Potosi, WI to create a collaboration Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Coffee Stout.
First, we procured a Knotter Bourbon barrel from Blaum Bros., of Galena, IL that was well-seasoned by batches of this craft produced bourbon being stored in the barrel.
We then aged raw, unroasted 100% Indonesian Sumatra coffee beans in this oak ex-bourbon barrel.  The flavorful bourbon barrel characteristics were infused into the coffee beans as the raw coffee beans absorbed the aromas of the barrel. After 8 weeks of aging in the bourbon barrel, the beans were removed and meticulously roasted.
Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra beans
After roasting our Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra coffee, Potosi Brewery soaked these coffee beans in an imperial stout named Border War. The infusion of the barrel aged coffee into this stout was done by cold brewing the barrel aged coffee in the beer itself.
Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra
After infusing the stout with the barrel aged coffee, this barrel aged coffee stout was then barrel aged in another ex-bourbon barrel from Blaum Bros Distilling.
The end result is a coffee stout that was made with barrel aged coffee, that was then itself barrel aged again in another Blaum Bros bourbon barrel. So it’s sort of a double-barrel aged coffee stout. Or perhaps it should be called a Bourbon Barrel Aged <Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee> Imperial Stout. Or a Barrel Aged Coffee Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels. It is almost impossible to convey the entire story of this unique and flavorful beer in the name itself. We’re not sure this exact process has ever been done before.
Border War, launched by Potosi Brewery in January 2019, has tones of toffee, vanilla, caramel and a velvety smooth texture that wraps up in a slightly warm finish. The coffee flavor is not very strong, because our barrel aged coffee has more of a bourbon barrel flavor to it than a traditional roasted coffee flavor. The end result is a barrel aged beer that somehow tastes MORE barrel aged than normal. The bourbon barrel flavor of the coffee shines through the beer, and the beer itself exhibits smooth bourbon barrel flavors from aging in the bourbon barrels. The result is a sweet, creamy and robust barrel aged imperial stout unlike any you’ve had before.
Border War
We hope you can try this new beer, crafted locally in collaboration with 3 craft producers in 3 neighboring states of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Cheers!


Elizabeth C Fleming:

YUM! I’d love to come in for a group tasting sometime!

Apr 06, 2021

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