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When you begin to realize that there are just so many different types of coffee beans and roast profiles, it becomes almost a no-brainer that there would also be varied colors involved with these differences. I mean, the roasted beans do have color variances based on their roast level. It's pretty obvious when side-by-side:

Coffee Roast Levels

This would also mean that the brewed coffee each roast makes should be a different shade. A dark roast would have a darker color than the light or medium roast.

Shades of Brewed Coffee

These are some of the things that artists think about when choosing their medium or choice in materials. In fact, there are many artists that have dabbled in painting with coffee. Whether by accident or choice, these artists have created some truly amazing pieces of art.

In the Sun Coffee by nadinmadeamess (DeviantArt)

Using coffee when painting is actually just like using watercolors. There is just a more subtle color palette and tone.

A Cup of Sunset by verideansea (DeviantArt)

Using a single color with tonal variations in light and dark is what artists refer to as a monochromatic painting style.

Coffee-ception by leocamilo (DeviantArt)

Beyond just painting with coffee, there are several other ways to create art using coffee. Some artists choose to be literal with the bean and create art just using that.

John Lennon with Coffee Beans

Creating mosaics with coffee beans is actually something we all may have done when we were younger in school. Mosaics using dried corn, beans, and even macaroni are typical for a simple style of art that most teachers use with students. These artists have taken it to a whole new level and sophistication.

Coffee Bean Mural

World's Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic

Photography with coffee is yet another creative expression that many artists use. Some are literal in a creative way...

Coffee Photography Etsy

While other photographers use coffee in a more amusing or humorous way:

Coffee and Squirrel

And last, but not least, let's not forget all of the talented coffee baristas from around the world that create art on coffee for their customers. Some of the things they can create with coffee and foam are out of this world!

Latte Art

Foamy Latte Bears Skeleton Jack Foam Latte Art

In a previous blog article we mentioned some of the other uses for coffee besides brewing and drinking. Coffee is such a versatile product and can be enjoyed and used in so many ways. Get those creative juices flowing and come up with some of your own! 


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