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Every day while sitting here drinking my coffee, I enjoy seeing all the amazing joys of nature outside our lobby windows. I never know what I'm going to see next. Here are some of my favorite caught-on-camera moments while sitting at my desk:

Obviously, this isn't sitting at my desk. This was early fall 2017 driving up our lane into work one morning. These geese sure took their time, too. So, why did the geese cross the road? Anyone?

I saw a flash of yellow out of the corner of my eye one spring morning, and this is what I saw. A beautiful pair of yellow finches gazing at their reflections in the tinted windows next to my desk.

Have any of you ever taken the time to really see all the beautiful iridescent colors in a mourning dove's feathers? Simply stunning. They aren't the smartest birds in the world, but they sure are pretty.


Just about a month ago I heard a tapping sound. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap. These guys were having a grand time checking themselves out and saying hello in Morse code on my lobby windows. Or maybe they were telling me they wanted a cup of coffee?


One day, when heading out the front entrance, I noticed one of these birds marching around by the sidewalk. It was making all kinds of squawking noises and flapping around. On closer inspection in the rocks, I realized this pair had made a nest and had laid an egg. Over the next couple days, there were more eggs...4 total. We've been anxiously awaiting these past few weeks to see the little babies. Today there were 3 tiny killdeer miniatures in the nest! One more egg to go...

If you think I only see birds, you are mistaken. This guy waddled past my window one summer morning and totally surprised me. I've seen him a couple times now. Makes me feel like playing golf for some odd reason...

Some of the other wildlife that I've been lucky enough to see out here in these parts (but didn't get time to catch on camera) are: eagles, deer, flocks of seagulls, tiny frogs on the windowsills, hawks, and a frequent hummingbird. On the drive to work on Old Highway Road, there are usually rafters of turkeys as well. 

Each season also brings it's own beauty to the landscape out here, too. Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee and catching some of nature's majesty during my day.


Greg Zeszotarski:

I love to sit at the table in the morning enjoying my 2 shots of Shot Tower Espresso. I have two bird feeders just outside the window and in the spring the finches (they look like little canaries) just cover the feeder. As spring progresses into summer all manner of birds visit the feeders. That’s my morning ritual before starting the day.

Apr 06, 2021

Sheila Bates :

I love to sit outside and drink my morning pot of coffee! It’s usually the Breakfast blend, or Cow Tipper! I think my favorite though is Mississippi Grogg! Love your coffee! Have a great day!

Jul 20, 2018

Sue Kintzinger:

What a joyful place to work! Great smell of coffee and all the beauty of nature just outside your office. You would enjoy a hummingbird feeder as well and a water feature which would attract even more birds. Always enjoy my morning cup of Nine Mile Sunset or Cow Tipper as I watch the birds too. Thanks for the post.

Jul 19, 2018

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