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Don’t let this news go in one ear and out the udder! For the month of June, we’re celebrating National Dairy Month by offering 30% off  Cow Tipper ground and whole bean bags. Holy cow!

What is National Dairy Month?

Dairy Month is an annual tradition that celebrates the contributions the dairy industry has made to the world. According to The Dairy Alliance, the tradition began in 1939, and started as a push to distribute extra milk during those hot summer months. Now grocery stores, dairy farms, markets and so many more celebrate Dairy Month each year to recognize the dairy farm families who produce wholesome, nutritious products to help us become strong and healthy.

Cow Tipper

Cow Tipper is udderly satisfying (I’ll moo-ve on from the puns now. OK, sorry, I promise I’m done now)! Using the same high-grade specialty beans as in our regular blends, this medium roast coffee is a rich and creamy blend of vanilla, caramel and coffee liqueur flavoring. The 30% discount will automatically apply at checkout on our website.

Although many customers have told us they have ceased adding creamers and sugars to their coffee after experiencing the rich flavor and aroma of Cow Tipper, we think a splash of milk or cream this month seems appropriate! Take advantage of this offer while it lasts and remember to recognize the dairy farmers that provide us all with nutrient-rich dairy products.             



Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say!

The flavor in Cow Tipper is SO good. – Andrea

I am a coffee lover, and I love to try new beans and coffee grounds out. By far, this is the best coffee I've ever had. It isn't overly sweet and you can still taste the coffee in it. All of the flavors complement each other so well. I'm on my third cup of it for the day. Really a life changing coffee. – Jill

I've loved your coffees for years, but Cow Tipper is my favorite, by far. There's absolutely nothing not to love about this blend! – Donna

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