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Coffee in bed

The holidays are the most traveled time throughout the year. If there's one thing you need to survive, it’s a good cup of coffee. Quality coffee is the perfect addition to any vacation.

I love the ritual of making coffee at home, and then I figured out how to still enjoy Verena Street coffee wherever I travel.


Coffee Beans

Every great coffee experience starts with fresh beans. Coffee beans travel much better than coffee grounds do. If you prefer freshly ground coffee, hand grinders are a necessity on your packing list. I weigh my beans ahead of time and bring enough to last me the entirety of my travel. The best way to keep them fresh in your suitcase is to pack them in an airtight container.



The Aeropress is light, compact, and durable. It is also a very quick – it will brew a cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes. Most hotels/homes have a coffee pot, microwave, or source to heat water. You can take the paper filters with you, but if you plan to make multiple cups, I recommend investing in a reusable metal filter.

Pour Over

Another portable brewing method is a pour-over. They even make collapsible silicone drippers; perfect for travel! This is the best brew method if you’re only going to drink one cup. This method should take less than 5 minutes and makes an amazing cup of coffee!


Hotel Coffee

You can enjoy the same quality coffee that you make at home each morning, while enjoying your time away. You should never have to sacrifice your Verena Street coffee for travel.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Verena Street Coffee Co.

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