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Verena Street Coffee Co. was recently featured in the article, "Made in the Tri-States," published in the Telegraph Herald and the Spring Chamber Quarterly Issue.

Verena Street Coffee

Cousins Eric Gantz and Michael Gantz opened Verena Street Coffee in December 2010. The first bags of coffee hit local store shelves on Jan. 6, 2011.

The coffee is roasted, blended, ground and packaged in Dubuque.

“We offer whole bean, ground and single cup coffee products in various package sizes,” said Eric Gantz. “Our coffee is sold in take-home packages in grocery stores, club stores and online. Our coffee is also brewed and ready to go at many regional employers and foodservice outlets, such as John Deere, Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh and other locations.”

The Gantz cousins have a goal to build the Verena Street brand into a powerful regional brand throughout the Midwest, and Dubuquers will be proud to call the brand their own.

“Our vision is to become the go-to coffee at work, at home and on-the-go for anyone tired of bitter, boring coffee,” Eric Gantz said. “You deserve high-quality, convenient and affordable coffee at home. Our unique blends are always freshly roasted to precise levels. Our light roasts are never too light (sour), and our dark roasts are never too dark (bitter).”

Verena Street Coffee beans are sourced via sustainable methods. The beans are artfully blended from different origins to make a unique recipe for each coffee. This offers a complexity of flavor and aroma that cannot be duplicated in any one bean origin.

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