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Try our freshly roasted espresso coffee beans specifically roasted for espresso. Available in whole bean, single serve brew cups, or organic espresso.

Bonfire Espresso - Fair Trade Organic Coffee - Iowa Native

Bonfire Espresso - Fair Trade Organic whole bean coffee

Dark Roast

Bold, silky, complex

$ 16.00

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About our Espresso Coffee

Our espresso blends are a mix of beans at various roast levels, so they are not really a light roast or a dark roast coffee but are a mix of flavor highlights that makes for a rich, unique flavor profile. Good for both espresso and as a drip coffee or pour over coffee, our espresso blends are rich on flavor and aroma.

What Makes Espresso Different from Coffee?

Espresso is brewed using a finer grind of coffee, a lower water to coffee grounds ratio, and a pressurized brewing method.

Regular drip coffee uses a coarser coffee grind level, more water, and gravity for the water to extract the coffee.

Espresso is more dense and flavorful than regular coffee, with more caffeine per ounce of finished product, and typically more flavor and body. The brewing method is what makes an espresso, not necessarily the specific bean used.

However, some coffees are roasted specifically for espresso. This does not mean that these coffees cannot be used for regular drip brewing, pour over coffee, in an Aeropress, in a Chemex, or any other brewing methods.

This simply means that a coffee that is roasted specifically for espresso has been created with the final product in mind, meaning the espresso beans typically have more complex body and flavor even if they are not used to create an espresso shot.

Why Choose Verena Street Espresso Coffee?

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  • Freshly craft roasted for flavor, aroma and body, bringing you espresso coffee unparalleled in taste.
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Best Grind for Espresso

The ideal grind for espresso is fine, similar to the texture of powdered sugar. This consistency allows for optimal extraction during the pressurized brewing process, resulting in a rich and flavorful espresso shot.

Best Coffee for Espresso Machines

For the best espresso experience, choose coffee beans specifically roasted for espresso. These beans are typically darker roasts that have been developed to accentuate the body, crema, and flavor profile ideal for espresso.

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