Fraction Pack Ground Coffee Packets 2oz (24ct case)

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Our fraction packs are 2oz of ground coffee. Each coffee pouch yields approximately one full 12-cup pot of coffee. Each case contains 24 portion packs of your selected blend (no mixed cases).

All our popular blends available in fresh frac packs:

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What is frac pack for coffee?

Frac packs, also known as portion packs or one-pot packs, are pre-measured pouches of ground coffee specifically designed for brewing a delicious pot of coffee. Each pack typically holds around 2 ounces of coffee, ideal for a standard 12-cup pot, ensuring consistent flavor and strength with every brew. These are pre-measured, vacuum-sealed packets of ground coffee. They are convenient and efficient, eliminating the need for measuring coffee grounds, making them ideal for use in offices, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial settings.

How to brew fraction pack coffee?

Open one fraction pack and pour the grounds directly into your coffee maker's filter. Add fresh water to your coffee maker's reservoir according to the manufacturer's recommendation for 12 cups. No measuring, no mess, just pure convenience. Turn on your coffee maker and get ready to savor a pot of Verena Street's delicious coffee that's sure to satisfy everyone.

2 oz coffee bags how many cups?

A 2 oz coffee bag typically brews one full 12-cup pot of coffee.