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At this time, we do not have plans to buy another bag of green beans.


Our Hawaiian Kona Fancy coffee will be roasted on our Probatino small batch roaster 2lbs at a time until supplies run out. We will roast it to a light-medium roast level so that these rare coffee beans’ unique taste characteristics will remain intact.

Part of our Explorer Series, we sourced a limited supply of this bean. Kona is arguably the most famous coffee-growing region of Hawaii. Although many coffees claim to be Kona, they often contain as little as 10% of real Kona beans mixed with those of a lower grade. Our beans are 100% authentic and meticulously cultivated in the Kelakekua, Kona district on the Big Island, which has the perfect microclimate for growing coffee beans. It is produced by Greenwell Farms, a privately owned farm and mill in operation since 1850 when it was founded by Henry Nicholas Greenwell and is today run by his descendants. 

Kona Grading Standards:

All Kona coffee is known to be of a unique caliber, but there are 5 different grades of Kona coffee, which are graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture based on factors such as bean size, shape and the number of defects in each bean. Availability of each grade varies by season and harvest. Our limited release Explorer Series - Kona Fancy is the 2nd to highest grade available and was the best we could source currently.

Kona Extra Fancy - the largest Kona beans with a mild and smooth flavor, some of the rarest which make up roughly 20% of a crop. 

Kona Fancy -  these are large coffee beans similar to Extra Fancy grade but with a little more body while still exhibiting a smooth flavor.

Kona Number 1 - medium sized beans with bolder body and nutty but smooth flavor, more of a commercial grade Kona.

Kona Select - this grade is unsorted and contains all of the above grades to varying degrees.

Kona Prime - smallest Kona beans with a little less smoothness and not quite as mild. Anything smaller or with more defects than this are not qualified to be sold as Kona coffee.

Hawaii No. 3 - size is not qualified and defects are the most prevalent.

Tasting Notes

This highly-sought-after Kona Fancy has a light and crisp body and acidity, balanced with a full and rich mouth feel. The wonderfully sweet nutty aftertaste perfectly complements this even-toned coffee. It has a subtle hint of cocoa, with tart citric acidity.

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