Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra (limited release)
Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra (limited release) Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra (limited release) Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra (limited release)
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Rainforest Alliance CertifiedThis 8oz. bourbon barrel aged Sumatra medium roast coffee is roasted in small batches of 2 to 4 pounds at a time. Our initial release was roasted on July 18, 2017. We will continue to roast daily to meet demand until our limited bean supply runs out. Order now to ensure that you receive some of this limited supply experimental coffee. PLEASE NOTE: due to the special nature of this experimental coffee, no returns or exchanges will be offered on this item.

This limited edition Knotter Bourbon Barrel Aged Sumatra is the result of our Sumatra beans aged in a specially-chosen ex-bourbon barrel from Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. of Galena, IL to display how the complex qualities of the bourbon and the bean can work together to form something beautiful. Mike and Matt were kind enough to let us adopt one of their coveted seasoned Knotter Bourbon barrels for this experiment. This 100% Sumatra single-origin coffee will be meticulously roasted to avoid any burnt or overbearing smoky flavors which can overpower the flavor of the coffee itself, or the rich and flavorful bourbon barrel characteristics that have been infused into the spirit of the coffee beans themselves (no pun intended).

On June 10th, 2017, our co-founder Michael (a connoisseur of not only coffee but also of bourbon), cut open the barrel and stuck his head inside to check out its aromas. He was practically knocked out by the bold and charismatic fumes being emitted from the inner walls of the barrel! Realizing the potential of this bodacious barrel, he quickly grabbed our highest grade Sumatra beans in their green (raw) form and sealed them in the barrel to begin the aging process.

Tasting Notes

Green coffee beans naturally absorb aromas, so encasing them in this well-seasoned bourbon barrel is our attempt to embody these high grade specialty arabica coffee beans with the robust and complex flavor and aroma of the bourbon barrel. Just one week into the aging process, we cracked the barrel open, siphoned some beans out and roasted a sample batch. The results were already more than we anticipated. This coffee smells and tastes the way the inside of a seasoned bourbon barrel smells! Not for the faint of heart, this experimental coffee is a bold foray into the marriage of spirits and coffee. While there is no alcohol content to this coffee, it is strongly reminiscent of the experience of sipping a craft-distilled bourbon with a rich and warm coffee undertone. This makes it a naturally flavored coffee that is sure to be a favorite of any bourbon lover.

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