Verena Street Coffee is named after the quiet neighborhood nestled in the Mississippi River valleys of Dubuque, Iowa where we grew up. Five houses lined this street and our family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were our only neighbors.

Some of them are now gone, some are spread over the map, and Verena Street itself has since been removed for highway expansion. Erased by the progress of modern development, the narrow lane called “Verena Street” survives only in our memories. Today, countless cars pass over the spot where we once played on the swing set our grandfather built.

Hoping to recapture the excitement of our childhood, Verena Street lives on as the namesake of our craft roasted coffee. Although we can no longer walk down Verena Street, it is a place we can once again call home.


Roasting Solutions, LLC d/b/a Verena Street Coffee Co. is a privately-held, family-owned organization founded in December, 2010.  We roast and package all our coffees at our facility in Dubuque, Iowa.  Verena Street Coffee can currently be found in over 480 grocery stores, club stores, warehouse stores and mass merchandisers in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri and Kansas.