Single Origin Coffee

Our single-origin coffee beans are roasted to a level that best exemplifies the character of each region.

Colombia whole bean

Colombia whole bean

Light/Medium Roast

Light, smooth, chocolate tones

$ 75.00

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Sumatra whole bean

Sumatra whole bean

Dark Roast

Heavy, bold, earthy

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What are Single Origin Coffee Beans

Single-origin coffee beans come from a single source, meaning they are all grown in the same specific region within a country. This region's unique characteristics, like climate, soil composition, and altitude, all influence the final flavor profile of the beans.

Coffee blends, on the other hand, are more like a well-curated recipe. Roasters take beans from various origins, each with its own flavor thing going on. By mixing them together, they create a whole new flavor profile, kind of like crafting a specific taste experience in a cup. But with single-origin beans, you get the pure, unadulterated taste of a specific region.

Why Buy our Single Origin Coffee Beans Online?

  • Sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms
  • Quality, transparency, environmental stewardship
  • Solar power fuels our roastery in grinding, packaging and warehousing
  • Freshly craft roasted for flavor, aroma and body, bringing you freshly roasted single origin coffee that's unparalleled in taste.
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About our Single Origin Coffee

Curious about the journey our coffee beans take?

Coffee Growing Regions

We source our beans from renowned coffee-growing regions worldwide, including Brazil, Colombia, Sumatra, Honduras, and Kenya, among others. These regions are celebrated for their unique coffee varieties, contributing to the diverse flavors of Verena Street Coffee.

Certifications and Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, with beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. This certification ensures environmental, social, and economic sustainability, preserving biodiversity and supporting the well-being of workers and their communities. Additionally, we offer Fair Trade Certified™ and organically certified options, further emphasizing their dedication to responsible coffee production.

Arabica vs. Robusta Beans

We choose only the finest 100% Arabica beans for its blends. Arabica coffee, known for its smooth and flavorful profile, is cultivated at higher altitudes and takes longer to mature, making it a premium choice for coffee lovers. Robusta coffee is grown at much lower altitudes, and the coffee plants and beans mature much faster than Arabica. These beans are cheaper and very popular in lower quality, commercial markets.

The Journey of a Coffee Cherry

The coffee journey begins with the coffee cherry, a fruit that harbors the coffee beans as seeds. Once ripe, the cherries are harvested, and the beans are extracted and dried, setting the stage for the green beans to be shipped to us!

Arrival and Roasting at Verena Street

Our green coffee beans arrive ready for roasting. Roasting is both an art and a science, where time and temperature unlock the unique flavors and aromas trapped inside.

We offer a range of roast profiles. Lighter roasts spend less time in the roaster, keeping more caffeine and letting the natural bean flavors shine. Darker roasts take longer, resulting in a bolder taste with caramel notes and slightly less caffeine.

A key moment is the "first crack" at around 385°F. This pop signals the release of the beans' oils, impacting the final flavor. We monitor these cracks and adjust roasting times to ensure each batch reaches its peak.

The result? Single origin coffee bursting with flavor, delivered straight to you.

Check out our roasting and packaging facility.

The Next Time You Brew...

Take a moment to appreciate the journey your Verena Street coffee beans have taken to reach your cup. We are passionate about sharing our love of coffee and believe every cup should be an exceptional experience.

Order online today and experience the difference single origin coffee can make.