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Most coffee shops and roasters procure common bean origins with fancy-sounding names and simply roast them to a specific level. We take extra steps to roast several different origins to different roast levels and combine them in a custom blend to create a more full-bodied and complex flavor. We typically combine 3 to 4 different bean profiles together to create a one-of-a-kind flavor that cannot be duplicated. Like mixing chocolate and peanut butter, the combination becomes a unique flavor that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our coffee blends are available in light roast blends, medium roast blends, dark roast blends, and espresso blends. You can also shop ground coffee blends, whole bean coffee blends, or Keurig-compatible single-serve brew cup coffee blends. If sustainable sourcing is important to you, you can even select between Fair Trade Organic coffee blends or Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee blends.

Flavored Coffee
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Most flavored coffees utilize cheap and unremarkable coffee beans masked by potent flavoring additives, assuming that flavored coffee drinkers do not want to taste any actual coffee in their coffee! We take a different approach by utilizing the highest grade premium Arabica coffee beans you will find in a flavored coffee. Many customers have touted our flavored coffees as being one-of-a-kind with a strong and charismatic flavor that is not too sweet or overpowering. Some fans have even told us they are not a "flavored coffee drinker" but they enjoy our flavored coffee due to its nicely balanced flavor and aroma that is not overbearing or overly sweet. Using the same high-grade specialty beans as in our regular blends, our flavored coffees are unique and flavorful combinations of some of the most popular coffee flavors. Many people have told us that they have stopped using creamer and sugar in their coffee after discovering the rich flavor of our Mississippi Grogg® flavored coffee.

Single Origin Coffee
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If coffee blends or flavored coffees are not for you, try one of our single origin coffees. These coffee beans are some of the most popular single origin coffees on the market. We select an origin that is optimal for each roast level, then roast it to a level that best exemplifies the character of the specific coffee growing region. Try our bold, earthy dark roast Sumatra single-origin or our bright and smooth Colombian single-origin for the best example of what we can accomplish when pairing the correct roast level with a specific origin of coffee bean.




Swiss Water Decaf Coffees
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The Swiss Water® Process is similar to the Mountain Water Process, in that the process of decaffeination does not use chemicals of any kind to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans. The Swiss Water® Process relies instead on solubility and osmosis. This process creates a coffee bean using the three elements of water, temperature and time to create a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free.This ensures a full-bodied flavor without the chemical aftertaste common to most decaf coffees, and cuts the caffeine without sacrificing any flavor. Although more costly than alternative procedures, this natural decaf process ensures the same quality, taste, and aroma that you expect from fully-caffeinated Verena Street varieties. We consistently receive phenomenal feedback about our Swiss Water® decaf coffee – many people have found it to be even more flavorful than some fully-caffeinated coffees they have tried prior to discovering the freshness and aroma of Verena Street®.