Coffee Blends

We combine high-quality beans from renowned coffee-growing regions worldwide, creating a diverse selection of coffee blends to satisfy every coffee lover's taste buds.

Shot Tower® Espresso whole bean - Verena Street Coffee Co.

Shot Tower® Espresso whole bean

Dark Roast

Rich, sweet, creamy complexity

from $ 12.00

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12ct Shot Tower Espresso Single-Serve Cups_front angle

Shot Tower® Espresso brew cups

Dark Roast

Rich, sweet, creamy complexity

from $ 12.00

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Bonfire Espresso - Fair Trade Organic Coffee - Iowa Native

Bonfire Espresso - Fair Trade Organic whole bean coffee

Dark Roast

Bold, silky, complex

$ 16.00

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About our Coffee Blends

Anybody can source a single origin bean, roast it to a certain level, and call it artisan coffee. Our blends follow unique recipes of different bean origins that when combined, are better than the sum of their parts. Available as regular blends or also flavored coffee blends, these coffees are never too light or sour and never too dark or bitter. 

Why Choose Verena Street Coffee Blends?

  • Sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms
  • Quality, transparency, environmental stewardship
  • Solar power fuels our roastery in grinding, packaging and warehousing
  • Freshly craft roasted for flavor, aroma and body, bringing you coffee blends unparalleled in taste.
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How to Find Your Perfect Blend

  • Roast Level - Do you crave the bright and nuanced flavors of a light roast, or the boldness and smoothness of a darker roast? We have blends to suit every preference.
  • Flavor Profile - Our blends boast a variety of taste sensations. Explore notes of chocolate, hazelnut, fruit, caramel, and more to find your perfect cup.
  • Blend Descriptions -  Each Verena Street Coffee blend has a detailed description highlighting its unique flavor profile and brewing recommendations.

Featured Blends

Julien's Breakfast Blend®. Our signature medium roast blend, offering a smooth, balanced, and delicious start to your day.

Lock & Dam #11™.This light/medium roast boasts a smooth body and creamy complexity, perfect for those who enjoy a brighter cup.

Sunday Drive™ Decaf (Swiss Water® Process). Enjoy the full-bodied richness of a medium roast coffee without the caffeine.

Shop by Preference

Light, Medium & Dark Roasts - Discover bright and flavorful coffees that will invigorate your senses. Immerse yourself in the bold and rich experience of a darker roast. 

Flavored Coffees - Treat yourself to decadent flavors like Mississippi Grogg® (butterscotch, caramel, hazelnut) and Cow Tipper® (vanilla, caramel, coffee liqueur). 

Decaf Options - Savor the taste of coffee anytime with our Swiss Water® Processed Decaf blends, crafted to remove caffeine without sacrificing flavor. 

Brew with Confidence

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