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Coffee...An Artist's Palette

When you begin to realize that there are just so many different types of coffee beans and roast profiles, it becomes almost a no-brainer that there would also be varied colors involved with these differences. I mean, the roasted beans do have color variances based on their roast level. It's pretty...

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Why Pour-Over is the Best Way to Make Drip Coffee

Every morning at Verena Street® we get going by making pour-over coffees. We've determined that this is simply one of the best ways to get the freshest, best tasting coffee around. The flavor of coffee using this method far outweighs your everyday brewer. It takes time, so if you have...

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Our Different Coffee Blends and Roast Flavors

It's always so hard to decide which of our coffee blends is the best. They are all so good in different ways. Sometimes it's difficult to know which one to have for the day. The staff here at Verena Street® have their favorites, and we'll be sharing those with you...

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Behind the Scenes at Verena Street®

Ever wonder what it takes to make that cup of coffee you're drinking? We're going to provide you with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what we do everyday. Ready? Let's go! It all starts with the beans. Green beans, that is. We currently get our green beans from about 12-14...

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Coffee Isn't Just For Drinking

There are many surprising ways to reuse coffee grounds. We have gathered up a few ideas for all those pots of coffee you drink every day. Save those grounds and do some of these cool things with them:  Around the House Cleaning Out the Fireplace For those of you lucky...

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