Stainless Steel AirScape Coffee Canister (1lb)

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Ensure your coffee stays fresh and flavorful with the AirScape® Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Canister. With a capacity of 64 fl. oz., this canister is designed to hold 1 LB of freshly roasted whole or ground coffee beans. Unlike most "airtight" containers that trap air inside, the AirScape® forces out the freshness-destroying air, extending the life of your coffee and maintaining its rich aroma and taste. Shop more larger size coffee storage containers.


Innovative Airscape® Technology. Pushes out air to keep coffee and other perishable goods fresher for longer. Extending the life of your coffee.

Durable Construction. Made of restaurant-grade stainless steel that resists staining and odor retention.

BPA-Free Components. Includes a clear, top lid for easy visibility and an inner AirScape lid that creates a satisfying "swooshing" sound as it's pushed down, so you know it's working.

Generous Capacity. Standing 7" tall it holds up to 64 fl. oz. (1 LB) of freshly roasted whole beans or ground coffee, ideal for coffee enthusiasts.

Multi-Purpose Use. Perfect for storing not only coffee but also tea, sugar, flour, spices, and other pantry essentials.

Why You Should Buy

The AirScape® Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Canister is an essential addition to any kitchen, particularly for coffee lovers who value freshness. Its unique air-purging technology ensures your coffee stays as fresh as the day it was roasted. The durable and stylish design, combined with its practical features, makes this canister a must-have for maintaining the quality and flavor of your coffee and other pantry items.

Should coffee be stored in plastic containers?

It's better to avoid plastic containers as they can absorb odors and may not seal properly. The AirScape® Brushed Stainless Steel Canister is a superior alternative, keeping your coffee fresh by removing air and preventing odor retention.

What is the best thing to store coffee in?

Store coffee in an airtight container like the AirScape® Brushed Stainless Steel Canister, which uses air-purging technology to maintain freshness and prevent exposure to air, moisture, and light.

What is the best way to store coffee after opening?

After opening fresh coffee beans, use an airtight container such as the AirScape® Brushed Stainless Steel Canister. Its design effectively removes air, ensuring your coffee stays fresh longer.