Are you a wholesale coffee distributor seeking a wholesale coffee roaster?

In today's coffee scene, consumers are no longer satisfied with just a regular cup of joe. They crave a heightened experience, seeking out coffees that deliver an enhanced sensory journey. Gone are the days of settling for mediocre blends; coffee enthusiasts now demand more complexity, richness, and uniqueness in every sip. As wholesale coffee distributors, understanding this evolving trend is crucial. By partnering with a coffee roaster that shares this commitment to excellence, you can meet the increasing demand for premium, specialty coffees and ensure that your customers keep coming back for more.

- Modern coffee consumers desire an elevated coffee experience.

- They seek coffees that offer distinct quality, flavor and aroma.

- Mediocre blends no longer suffice; customers demand more from their coffee.

- There is a growing trend towards premium, specialty coffees.

- Wholesale coffee distributors must adapt to meet this evolving consumer preference.

- Partnering with a coffee roaster committed to quality ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Who are your end users?

Millennials are a dominant force in the coffee industry, comprising approximately 80 million consumers with substantial purchasing influence. Unlike previous generations, their approach to coffee is marked by distinct behaviors and preferences. Often dubbed the "coffeehouse generation," millennials prioritize experiences, seeking out cafes and artisanal coffee shops that offer more than just a caffeine fix. They place great value on locally roasted and packaged coffees, recognizing the importance of supporting their communities and reducing environmental impact. Gourmet specialty blends and espresso-based drinks are particularly appealing to this demographic, reflecting their desire for quality and sophistication in every cup. Moreover, millennials gravitate towards socially responsible brands, favoring companies that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. For wholesale coffee distributors, understanding and catering to the preferences of this influential demographic can unlock significant growth opportunities in the market.

- Millennials represent approximately 80 million consumers in the coffee industry.

- Their coffee behavior differs significantly from previous generations.

- Millennials are known as the "coffeehouse generation."

- They prioritize experiences and seek out artisanal coffee shops.

- Locally roasted and packaged coffees hold high value for millennials.

- Preference is given to gourmet specialty blends and espresso-based drinks.

- Millennials prioritize socially responsible brands and environmental sustainability.

- Wholesale coffee distributors can capitalize on this demographic by aligning with their preferences and values.


Why is Selling Coffee Important?

  • Coffee is a high volume product consumed multiple times daily = consistent repeat traffic.
  • It is very profitable when selling high quality specialty coffee which ensures added profitability for the operator.
  • Selling coffee offers opportunities to sell complementary items such as pastries, desserts, and added food items.
  • Coffee can be an emotional product
  • Great coffee provides increased sales retention and customer traffic.
  • Great coffee in the breakroom makes for happier employees!

How we can help!

Verena Street Coffee Co. is a perfect example of a brand that can address the needs and preferences of the modern coffee consumer, particularly millennials. Let's break down how our offerings and values align with the key points discussed:

Addressing the Need for Elevated Coffee Experiences:

Verena Street Coffee Co. offers a diverse range of specialty coffee blends and single-origin coffees, ensuring that consumers experience an amplified coffee journey with every cup. From our dark roasts to our espresso roasts, each blend is meticulously crafted to deliver a balanced, distinct flavor and aroma, meeting the demand for premium coffees that are unforgettable.

Catering to Millennials' Preferences:

1. Locally Roasted and Packaged Coffees: Verena Street Coffee Co. emphasizes locally roasted and packaged coffees, sourcing  beans from sustainable farms and roasting them in small batches at our facility in Iowa. This commitment to local resonates with millennials who prioritize supporting their communities and reducing environmental impact.

2. Gourmet Specialty and Espresso-based Coffees: With offerings like our Shot Tower Espresso roast and our signature Nine Mile Sunset dark roast, Verena Street Coffee Co. caters to millennials' preference for gourmet specialty and espresso-based coffees. These blends are crafted to deliver exceptional flavor profiles and satisfy the discerning tastes of this demographic.

3. Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability: Verena Street Coffee Co. is dedicated to ethical sourcing practices and environmental sustainability. We prioritize sustainability and responsible coffee sourcing, aligning with millennials' values of supporting socially responsible brands and protecting the environment.

By showcasing Verena Street Coffee Co.'s commitment to quality, locality, sustainability, and ethical practices, wholesale coffee distributors can effectively demonstrate how partnering with this brand can meet the needs and preferences of modern coffee consumers, including millennials.

  • We are privately owned with a passion for roasting great coffees, charismatic blends and unique flavored coffees that provide the experience coffee consumers are looking for today.
  • We craft roast our coffees in small batches by experienced roasters to exacting standards. 
  • Our facility is new and state of the art, equipped with the most advanced roasting, blending, and packing equipment.
  • Coffee certifications: Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade Organic, Kosher, etc. 
  • Fractional pack and bulk packaging. 
  • Ground and whole bean coffees.
  • Private label and custom blending. 
  • We offer sales consultation and coffee training for distributor sales teams.
  • Assistance with on-trend equipment and marketing/POS solutions for your customers.