Branding Iron - Fair Trade Organic ground coffee

Dark Roast

Rich, bold, earthy

$ 16.00
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Sustainably Sourced from Fair Trade Farms Quality, transparency, environmental stewardship
Organic Certified by MCIA Sustainability, transparency, environmental stewardship
Solar Power Fuels our roastery in grinding, packaging & warehousing
Freshly Craft Roasted Freshness of flavor, aroma and body
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  • A bold taste and aroma with rich and earthy complexity
  • 100% Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA
  • Organic Certified by Minnesota Crop Improvement Association
  • Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union

About Branding Iron

This ground dark roast coffee has a delicately dark roast level resulting in a bold taste and aroma with rich complexity. This blend has earthy characteristics. 

About Iowa Native

We created Iowa Native coffee to embody the spirit of the Midwest and the farmhouse of yesteryear by supporting sustainability and authenticity in everything we do. Packaging features a resealable, press & seal zipper closure to allow you to close your bag after each use. This keeps coffee contents at peak freshness by creating an airtight seal that can be used again and again.