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Every morning at Verena Street® we get going by making pour-over coffees. We've determined that this is simply one of the best ways to get the freshest, best tasting coffee around. The flavor of coffee using this method far outweighs your everyday brewer. It takes time, so if you have a little to spare in the morning this is really something to try.

Step One

Use the freshest whole beans you can get your hands on. Grind the appropriate amount right before starting the pour-over. We have a Baratza Encore grinder that does this beautifully, but any grinder will do. Be sure to set your grinder to get the size grounds needed to make a pour-over. It varies with each grinder, but you want to get it around the medium-coarse setting. Our Baratza Encore setting is at about 16 on the grind dial (on a scale between 0 and 40). 0 being coarse and 40 being ultra fine.

Hario V60 pour over system Hario V60

You'll need to get a pour-over vessel like the Hario V60 to make this work. We have a unique set-up here in house, but these can literally be placed just on your cup or mug. They also require special filters in the size needed for the vessel. We use the Hario V60 in the size 2 model. This is the bigger one, but they also offer a size 1 which is smaller for convenience. In a pinch you can use a regular filter folded to accommodate the vessel.

Step Two

Heat some filtered water in a kettle to between 200° - 205° F. We use an electric Bonavita kettle with a wonderful hold setting to keep your water nice and hot for multiple cups. It also helps to have a goose neck spout for easy pouring.

Step Three

While your water is heating up, get your pour-over system ready. Insert your filter, give it a rinse (to remove any paper flavor), and measure your ground coffee into the bottom of the filter. The suggested amount is 2 Tbsp. of coffee per 6 oz. of water. The best way to figure this out is to know how big your cup or mug is. Then, you can determine how much coffee you'll need. We have a measuring scoop that helps with this. Of course, it's always up to you according to your taste/strength preferences.

Hario V60 size 2 filter dry Hario V60 filter wet

Step Four

When your water is ready, pour a very small amount of water over the grounds to wet them and allow them to bloom for 30 seconds. This blooming allows the coffee grounds to open up and release all the flavor compounds and oils that makes a great cup of coffee. Always keep your pour directly in the center of the pour-over vessel. Pouring to the edges allows just water to go into your cup instead of coffee.

wet coffee grounds

Coffee bloom

After 30 seconds, continue to pour water in small circular motions into the center of the vessel. The water will filter through the coffee grounds and fill your cup. It may take some time getting the hang of things and to know how much water you'll need before your cup overflows. (It happens to the best of us).

Coffee pour center Coffee pour finish into cup

Step Five

Enjoy your tasty pour-over coffee! It will be coffee like you've never tasted before. Smooth, flavorful and wonderful.

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