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Should I keep ground coffee in the fridge? How do I keep my coffee fresh after opening the bag? Should I keep my coffee in a jar? How about in the freezer? Are any of these questions keeping you up at night? If so, read on to learn more!

If you’re reading this, it’s because you love coffee and want to keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible. Fresh coffee is the best coffee! Why settle for less? At Verena Street, we have some recommendations on how to store your favorite Verena Street coffee so you can enjoy the fresh beans for longer.

Verena Street Coffee is rich, smooth, and the beans are extremely fresh. Definitely recommend! – Heather, verified customer

Common Mistakes

Do you store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer? Many people do! The refrigerator and the freezer are both very common storage places for coffee. But these are actually not ideal storage locations for your favorite freshly roasted beans.

Thank you for roasting such incredible beans. – Shelly, verified customer

The Refrigerator

Coffee is hygroscopic, which is a scientific way of saying coffee is very absorbent. If you store your coffee in the refrigerator, it will absorb the odors and flavors of the other food in the fridge. Yuck! You definitely don’t want to taste your leftover dinner in your morning cup of coffee. Believe it or not, some people actually use coffee instead of baking soda to help eliminate fridge odors. Let us know in the comments below if you do this!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of Verena Street Coffee! You can really taste the difference in freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee. – Verena, verified customer

The Freezer

It is not recommended to store open bags/containers of coffee in the freezer. The continuous fluctuation in temperature will create moisture in the bag, which can make your morning brew taste really bad. It will lose its aroma and flavor. You also run the risk of freezer burn on your beans. We cannot have that happening! If you plan to store sealed, unopened bags of coffee in the freezer, then that’s typically fine for up to 2 months. Any longer than that, and you’ll run the risk of freezer burning the beans. When you’re ready to enjoy your frozen beans, simply thaw them out first before using them.

Best coffee I have ever drank in my life! I've been drinking coffee for 50+ years! – Tony, verified customer

The Best Way to Store Coffee

So, how should I store my coffee? Oxygen, moisture, heat, and sunlight have the most damaging effects on coffee. Proper storage is required to protect coffee from these elements. Once you open a bag, we recommend storing any extra product in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dry, dark place. A pantry or cupboard is perfect!

Inside lid slides down to top of coffee. Outside lid is traditional. It does everything advertised and more. Every time I open it, it smells like first opening a bag of coffee. Every brew tastes like the bag was opened that day. – Jim, verified customer

Here at Verena Street, we offer 4 different AirScapes to help keep your coffee as fresh as possible. Two of our offerings hold 1lb of coffee at a time, the other two are larger and can hold up to 2.2lbs of beans at a time. The AirScape forces the freshness-destroying air out of the canister, extending the life of your coffee. It can hold freshly roasted whole or ground coffee beans. Designed of durable, restaurant-grade stainless steel, the body resists staining and odor retention. The BPA-free clear, top lid allows you to see how much is left in the container, and the inner AirScape lid (also BPA-free) makes a fun “swooshing” noise as it’s pushed down, so you can actually hear it working. Do you have an AirScape at home? Let us know below!

I’ve used this for about a year now and love it! I keep my favorite, Mississippi Grogg, in it and the last few beans are as fresh as the first. – Mary, verified customer


Not only is the canister attractive, but it is a great size and perfect for holding the freshness of the coffee. This is my new go-to gift for friends and family! – Pat, verified customer

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Mary Vickers:

Hello from Nebraska!
We were introduced to Verena Street at my cousins churches coffee bar in Jefferson ! ! ( my homestead kin were are all from Clinton Dewitt.) We purchase it here at Hy-Verr
My husband is a Grogg man as he can make half caf.
We put bags of cow tipper in baskets we make for auction at Whitetails unlimited Dinners.
We have one on the 4th of March in Wahoo Nebraska! ( google it! Home of David Letterman’s satellite office!)
If I were to call and Order of a V. st. Airscape could you throw in a couple stickers for the basket?
The dinner we did outside of Carrol our coffee basket got 60 bucks !
Let me know otherwise I’ll order the airscape via the net.
Be well and warm!
Mary in Omaha
402.637.6481. : )

Feb 17, 2023

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