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When I was a little girl, my mom used to let me dunk my buttered toast or grasshopper sandwich cookies into her coffee. It's one of my fondest memories of childhood and also my first taste of coffee. It's something that bonded my mother and I together. Our shared coffee experiences. I'm sure there was so much soggy toast and cookies at the bottom of her mug, but it never seemed to bother her. I looked forward to sitting on her lap and enjoying my tasty treats. Because coffee did make it taste even better.

This got me thinking about what other people must dunk into their coffee. Is this a thing? Or was it just something I did as a child?

I decided to ask others if they did such a thing and what their favorite things to dunk in coffee were. I found some pretty interesting (and sometimes unusual) habits of other people and thought I'd share a few.

Cookies seem to be the most popular items that people dunk in their coffee. I wasn't too surprised by that. Mainly sandwich cookies are the best and favorites for dunking. Other cookie favorites for dunking are wafer cookies, oatmeal cookies and shortbread cookies. Pretty much any cookie will work, actually.

No surprise here either, donuts are the other top choice for dunking. Any kind of donut that holds it's shape after about 3 - 6 seconds submerged will work. I did have someone tell me that they love to eat powdered donuts while drinking coffee. Their biggest regret was that they were too soft to dunk. So, they came up with the solution of one bite of donut and one sip of coffee at the same time. Almost the same effect, I guess?

Biscotti rounds out the top three choices for dunking. When you think about it, it's actually a perfect blend of cookie/donut/bread that works wonderfully dunked in coffee. There are so many kinds of biscotti to choose from, too. Chocolate biscotti is a popular choice, as the chocolate slowly melts into the coffee for added flavor. Sounds pretty good to me.

Bread and toast choices are, naturally, also popular. As I mentioned, buttered toast is a favorite among others besides just myself. My sister will only specifically dunk rye toast in her coffee. I thought that was interesting. Croissants and raisin bagels were other items that people love to dunk. It made me think that perhaps a good cinnamon raisin bread toast would be awesome, too! I'm not picky when it comes to toast in my coffee. It just needs a little butter and I'm good to go.

A couple of the most unusual things I heard people talk about dunking in their coffee were granola bars and...Kit Kat candy bars! I can understand the granola bars, but I never would have thought a candy bar would be ideal for dunking. It seems that people love the wafer cookie part and the chocolate flavors the coffee just like the biscotti. Something new to try? Maybe I will.

I must admit that I've not done much of this dunking routine since growing up. Perhaps the thought of debris in the bottom of my mug has prevented this continued experience throughout life. Maybe I should rethink that and start enjoying my buttered toast and cookies soaked in delicious coffee. After all, coffee really does make it taste better.

What are some of your favorite things to dunk in your coffee? Let us know. We'd love to hear your ideas.


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