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The Truth About Caffeine Levels in Coffee

Sometimes it's just so hard to know which coffee to choose when concerned about caffeine levels. Allow us to shed a little light on the subject. There are some very common misconceptions regarding coffee. Let's start with some facts. If you wanted a coffee that had very little caffeine, but wasn't...

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Who Came Up With Coffee in the First Place?

Ever wonder how coffee was first discovered? If you simply just love coffee for the sake of coffee, you may not have even bothered to think about it's origins. It's kind of like thinking about the discovery of the wheel. While different, it's no less important. At least for those that...

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Why You Should Care Where Your Coffee Comes From

At Verena Street®, we take fairness seriously. We source all of our coffee beans through Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. What does this mean to you? Probably not much, but it does mean a lot to all those that Rainforest Alliance helps along the way. So, what exactly is Rainforest Alliance?...

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The Best Ways for Storing Your Coffee

This coffee tastes! Does this sound familiar? Do you store your coffee in the bag you got it in and in the refrigerator? Stop doing it! Here's why: Coffee stored in the refrigerator can absorb moisture - and odors and flavors - from the air around it because it's hygroscopic...

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New Verena Street®Facility Opens!

It's been a long time coming...well, at least if feels that way. We can finally announce that we are open for business at our new facility. The owners and staff are very excited to be in the new place and can't wait to see what this new venture brings. The...

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