Pacific - 6.1.0

The Swiss Water Process

We have been asked numerous times what our decaffeination process is for our decaf blend, Sunday Drive™. The simple answer to that question: Swiss Water Decaffeination Process. While not a simple decaffeination process, it does provide us with beans that we trust to provide the best quality for our customers that...

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Does Water Affect Coffee's Taste?

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and had a delicious cup of coffee only to create the same one at home and have it not taste as good? You might be using the wrong type of water to brew your coffee with. Wait. Wrong type of water? There...

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The Best Coffee Beer

The guys here at Verena Street Coffee Company have collaborated with the guys over at Potosi Brewing Company to come up with the fabulous Shot Tower Espresso Stout. Perhaps you're wondering how this whole idea got the barrel rolling so to speak? Every year the city of Potosi holds the...

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Where Does Coffee Come From?

Many people assume (like I did) that our coffee beans all come from the same place. This isn't the case. Right now we have about 14 different varieties of beans from all over the world.   Why get beans from so many places, you ask? For starters, each country's bean has a...

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