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What is Coffee Acidity?

Without acidity, a coffee will tend to taste dull and lifeless. It's not to be confused with the pH level of coffee, since it's a different thing entirely. So, What is Acidity? Acidity is a desirable primary coffee flavor sensation that is perceived as a pleasing sharpness toward the front of the...

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Fun Facts About Coffee

I've written a lot of blogs about coffee. In that time, I've found out some pretty interesting fun facts about coffee that most people probably don't know about. I'm going to share some of those fun things with you that will hopefully help you at some point during trivia night....

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What Coffee Maker Should I Use?

This question is probably something we have all asked at one point or another. Whether you are new to coffee or have become a full-blown coffee fanatic, we will go through some different brewers and techniques to help determine what the best coffee maker is for you. First of all,...

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Coffee...An Artist's Palette

When you begin to realize that there are just so many different types of coffee beans and roast profiles, it becomes almost a no-brainer that there would also be varied colors involved with these differences. I mean, the roasted beans do have color variances based on their roast level. It's pretty...

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Why Pour-Over is the Best Way to Make Drip Coffee

Every morning at Verena Street® we get going by making pour-over coffees. We've determined that this is simply one of the best ways to get the freshest, best tasting coffee around. The flavor of coffee using this method far outweighs your everyday brewer. It takes time, so if you have...

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